The first Congresso Internacional de Flamenco was held at the Santa Clara convent in the barrio de Santa Cruz in Seville from 10–12 November 2011. This three-day conference was organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucia in collaboration with the Instituto Andaluz del Flamenco in Seville, inspired by the decision of UNESCO to include flamenco in its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity to be protected and preserved.


This international congress brought together around 200 experts in flamenco, including the artists themselves, agents and event organisers, recording companies, journalists, critics and writers, in round table discussions about flamenco and its position and potential both in Spain and on an international level, as well as more localised discussions about the possible inclusion of flamenco in the school curriculum in Andalucia. The flamenco artists present included: Antonio Fernández Díaz ‘Fosforito’, Matilde Coral, Francisco José Arcángel, Eva Yerbabuena, Antonio Coronel, Pepa Montes, María del Mar Moreno and Gerardo Núñez.

The convent of Santa Clara is hosting an exhibition of paintings by the Cadiz artist, Andrés Vázquez de Sola, a selection of 49 paintings related to flamenco and in particular depicting the history of cante flamenco. The exhibition will be open until the end of November 2011 at the Convento de Santa Clara, Calle Becas, s/n, 41002 Seville. 

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