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As August is holiday time, I wanted you to see one of my favourite postcards, which a friend on holiday in Spain sent me.

One is always grateful to receive ‘snail’ mail these days and I usually use special postcards as bookmarks for quite some time after receiving then, so they have a longevity far beyond an electronic communication. 


The picture is by Tato Olivas and is part of a series of his flamenco photographs published as postcards by Ediciones Asangre. It is no. 224 with the title ‘flamenco’He has given me permission to include his postcard in this blog. 

Tato Olivas is a fine photographer of flamenco and his portfolio includes photographs of many great flamenco performers. I recommend you googling his name if you want to see more of his work.

His direct email is tatolivas@hotmail.com.   

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