As I work on my Pepe Habichuela interview, it is of course essential to pull out his recordings and listen. What a luxury job! I was listening to Habichuela en Rama (Nuevos Medios NM 15 73-03). His playing is so uncomplicated, so unpretentious and so absolutely beautiful!


What was even more exciting was when I pulled out the CD liner notes; I had forgotten that it was one continuous sheet folded four times with all the detailed information about the recording which I love to read, but there is a present in there too – when you unfold the liner notes, there is a reproduction of a painting by Ignacio Meco:


I can only share a little over half of it with you here but it gives you some idea of why I can’t help looking at the painting while listening to the recording; like Pepe Habichuela, Meco has refined his art into something ‘apparently’ simple but so full of depth of expression. I know mp3s are popular but I shall continue to buy CDs for as long as possible, particularly when the liner notes are so special.

© 2010 Thérèse Wassily Saba