This wonderful documentary film about Paco de Lucía comes from the television series Rito y Georgrafía; it is introduced by the José María Velázquez-Gaztelu and was originally broadcast TVE in Spain on 21 May 1973. 

Paco de Lucía is filmed at his family’s home playing around the table, with his father Antonio Sánchez and his brother Antonio de Lucía providing accompanying percussion by tapping their knuckles on the table top as he plays, and his brother the singer Pepe de Lucía sings a powerful Bulerías. Unfortunately there is only a short clip of Paco de Lucía with his brother the guitarist Ramón de Algerciras.

The film keeps a close focus on Paco de Lucía’s hands as he plays, which are technically astounding and artistically beautiful – as if they had been sculptured by Rodin. It even includes Paco de Lucía playing a rumba with his friend the guitarist Juan Carlos Rebato, for what José María Velázquez-Gaztelu describes as the première of what has become the most famous rumba in the world: Entre dos aguas

In the short interviews between pieces we can see his sincerity and the dedication to flamenco that made him the most admired, respected and loved musician by his colleagues and later by his international audience.

Rito y Geografia del Cante was a series of half-hour programmes, presented by José María Velázquez-Gaztelu, directed by Mario Gómez from March 1971–October 1973. These were broadcast weekly; 100 programmes were made.

This programme is also available for viewing directly from RTVE.es, as well as many other programmes in this historic series.

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