La Copla Andaluza was a song form, which became popular in Spain in the 1920s noted for it poetic verses. The verses of these songs were as important as their melodies and some of the most famous composers of these were: Rafael de León, Manuel López Quiroga, Salvador Valverde, Juan Solano and Manuel Penella. Some of the most famous coplistas and cupletistas, – singers of coplas and cuplés – were Raquel Meller (1888–1962), Imperio Argentina (Magdalena Neale del Río, 1906–2003), Angelillo (Ángel Sampedro Montero, 1908–1973), Concha Piquer (1908–1990), Antonio Molina (1928–), Lola Flores (1923–1995), Estrellita Castro (1908–1983) and Juanito Valderrama (1916–2004).

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