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I really enjoyed seeing the ‘live’ recording of Sara Bara’s Mariana Pineda, which was filmed at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid in June 2003. Both the choreography and the performance were beautiful to watch. The other dancers were José Serrano, Luis Ortega and Miguel Cañas. The musical direction was by the flamenco guitarist José María Bandera, and the flamenco singers were Miguel de la Tolea and Saúl Quirós.

Some flamenco friends were disappointed that there was no embroidering of the Andalusian flag in green and white by Mariana Pineda in this production; my only difficulty was with watching nuns dancing flamenco! 


Skiing Nuns by Margaret Loxton for Cancer Research UK

I think I have seen nuns do most things that the rest of us mere mortals do in public, however, flamenco dancing…

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