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I have spoken about the flamenco guitarist Andrés Batista in earlier blogs as a guitarist 


but here I want to focus more on his publications.

Andrés Batista published his first flamenco guitar method, the Metodo de Guitarra Flamenca (UME) in 1979, which is now in its ninth edition. Since then there have been many more books. His two most recent publications are the two books: El flamenco y su vibrante mundo (Editorial Raíces, 2003) and Arte flamenco: toque, cante y baile (Editorial Alpuerto, 2008) 


and Resonancias del Sur (Editorial Alpuerto), a collection of flamenco pieces for solo concert performance, with also a trio, quartet and quintet. Some of the pieces can be heard on YouTube. If you follow this link you can listen to him playing and see a wonderful selection of flyers from his concerts in the past and many superb photographs.  

I was pleased to discover Andrés Batista’s website, which as as well presented as his books and publications, and again with some great photographs.


Andrés Batista with Carmen Amaya

But even more interesting is his blog, which he has been writing since Thursday 3 April 2008. That first blog is entitled Artistas flamencos – reflexiones y sugerencias. In his blogs, he takes the opportunity to discuss points of interest for flamenco artists and aficionados, giving the perspective of someone from the inside looking out, while others are on the outside, looking in. It is an invaluable opportunity for us to hear the opinions of someone with extensive knowledge and experience of flamenco. 

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