The Maratón de Danza de Madrid, which is held at El Teatro de Madrid is a non-stop 24-hour dance marathon. This year’s, which was its ninth edition, was held for 12 hours on Saturday 5 June and 12 hours on Sunday 6 June 2010. It is an important event for both dancers and choreographers.

The IX Maratón de Danza de Madrid was won ex aequo by the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Fortea in Calle Comandante Fortea, Madrid, for their work called Gitanerías,

and by the dancer and choreographer Ángel Rodríguez for his work called Y sin embargo…te quiero. One part of this suite is on YouTube performed with castanets.


Ángel Rodríguez’s Y sin embargo… te quiero is at the Teatro de Madrid from 16–19 September 2010. 

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