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Over the past 40 years or so, there has been a new strand of flamenco which falls under the umbrella category of Nuevo Flamenco – new flamenco – however, it is a broad umbrella. It includes groups such as Ketama, Pata Negra, Navajita Plateá, who incorporate jazz and rock elements into their music and play on electric guitars, basses and full drum kits often. 

The electric bass player Antonio Ramos ‘Maca’ has just released his first solo album called Mira que te diga (Listen to what I am saying to you) on Nuevos Medios


The range of pieces on this album gives an excellent insight into how flamenco can successfully be fused with other musical forms, from the more obviously flamenco-inspired Yo sí to the heavy rock of Camino de cañas and the jazz blues of ¡Ahora!. ‘Maca’ is joined by the flautist Jorge Pardo on the funky Wasabi and Mi sombra delante y yo detrás and by flamenco guitarist Josemi Carmona on Háblame, as well as a long list of electric guitarists, keyboard players, trumpet players, singers and percussionists.

I loved the atmosphere and rhythmic feel of El príncipe de la oscuridad where ‘Maca’ provides the vocal line as well as a frog-like timbre on his electric bass.

It is all very expressive music, so when you are in the mood for listening to a mix of these musical styles together, this is the album to listen to.

© 2010 Thérèse Wassily Saba