The second edition of El Sueño de Don Ramón Montoya by the flamenco guitarist Agustín Carbonell ‘Bola’ is being launched on Thursday 14 December 2017 at 6.30pm with SGAE – the Spanish Society of Authors and Editors at the Teatro Sala Manuel de Falla in Madrid. This second edition has been revised and expanded in collaboration with Manolo Sanlúcar, Victor Monge ‘Serranito’, José Manuel Gamboa and Faustino Núñez. The accompanying CD recording has also been expanded from the original 9 tracks to 22 tracks including many historic recordings of Ramón Montoya accompanying the cante of Niña de los Peines, Niño Medina, Pepe Marchena – La Rosa, Encarna Salmerón and Juanito Valderrama.

Ramón Montoya changed the course flamenco guitar playing forever, expanding its role as a simple accompanying instrument to developing a strong voice of its own within flamenco. He incorporated new techniques into flamenco guitar playing, some inspired by the leading classical guitarists of his time. He travelled the world performing. His influence continues to be noted in flamenco today.

Here is a super interview with El Bola, talking about all his flamenco relatives, as he comes from a long line of significant flamenco performers, including the flamenco guitarist Ramón Montoya (1897–1949) himself. El Bola talks about career and approach to life as a musician; and most importantly, he explains how he came to begin this enormous project of researching the life of Ramón Montoya, including his research with the grand-niece of Ramón Montoya.

The collection of photographs included in the biography is excellent.

The presentation of the new edition of El Sueño de Don Ramón Montoya, written by Agustín Carbonell ‘Bola’ will be on Thursday 14 December 2017 at the Teatro Sala Manuel de Falla, calle Fernnado VI, 4. Madrid, at 6.30pm (Metro: Alonso Martínez)

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