The X Maratón de Danza de Madrid will be held over the weekend of 4–5 June 2011 at the Teatro de Madrid. Beginning with the adult (over the age of 14) category at 12 noon of Saturday 4 June, it continues until midnight, ending with the category of infants (14 years old or younger) from 10am until 2pm on Sunday 5 June 2011. At 7pm there will be a closing Gala performance. 


There are no restrictions on the nationality or the age of participants in the marathon. Each dance company must present a choreography lasting no more than 6 minutes. There are around 150 companies competing from all dance styles, including flamenco, jazz, contemporary, Spanish dance, classical dance and tap. 

The Director of the Maratón de Danza de Madrid is José Manuel Garrido Guzmán. The first Maratón de Danza de Madrid was held in 2002 with 78 dance companies participating in the competition. It has continued as an important annual event in the dance calendar since then.  

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