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Goose bumps, goose bumps and more goose bumps!!!

I am listening to Las Migas’s recording Reinas del Matute for the first time and it is wonderful.


Las Migas are a band of four: singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz, guitarists Marta Robles and Isabelle Laudenbach, and violinist Lisa Bause, who also plays the accordion. On this recording they are joined by a varying troupe of musicians providing backing singing, orchestral strings and a Cuban tres, percussion and plenty of jaleo. The result is an exciting and beautifully textured mix of flamenco and Mediterranean music.

Now I have to say that a good guitar player is a good guitar player – what does it matter whether the guitarists are men or women? However, it has not passed my notice that my most popular blog is the one about Mujeres Guitarristas. It really outstrips all the others for readership by far. So maybe I should say to you, my dear readers, in case you haven’t already noticed from their names, that Las Migas has two mujeres guitarristas and their playing is full of flamenco punch.

The first track on Reinas del Matute is Los cuatro muleros and is completely different to any other version I have heard anywhere else and is fit for my favourite list. As well as La Tarara, there is another piece by Federico García Lorca called Fuera de la mar, which is very special – actually the whole CD is very special. The final track is La Tarara and it builds to a super climax. I’m hooked.

Reinas del Matute is the first recording by Las Migas and has been released on Nuevos Medios.

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