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Miguel Poveda is a relatively young flamenco singer, however, he is already concerned about the legacy to be left for future generations and so has started an admirable scheme to help young artists in their careers.

Miguel Poveda himself had to struggle to establish himself as a flamenco cantaor; he was born into a non-gypsy family in Barcelona, with no musical background at all, quite removed from his own deep love for flamenco and in particular for the cante. Despite this, Miguel Poveda dedicated himself to learning and performing and in 1993, at the age of 20, he entered the most difficult and prestigious competition for flamenco singers: the Festival Nacional del Cantes de las Minas. He won the most coveted prize for flamenco singers – the Premio Lámpara Minera


In 1995 he made his first recording with Nuevos Medios called Viento del Este, on which he was accompanied by guitarists Moraíto, Pepe Habichuela and Julián ‘el Califa’. To correspond with his performance at this year’s Festival Nacional has released a special 2010 edition of Viento del Este, which also includes four songs that were recorded at the XXXIII Festival Nacional del Cantes de las Minas in 1993.

Mario Pacheco of Nuevos Medios has made a major contribution to presenting and preserving the work of flamenco artists for many years. Now Miguel Poveda has started his own recording company called Carta Blanca Records to help young, struggling flamenco artists to establish themselves. The first recording to be released is called Luna de enero.

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